Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The country is in chaos, bailout didn't make it. Suggestion/all CEO's making more than 100 grand kick in the surplus and use their talents to come up with a viable workable system. All the legislators are just trying to cover their own butts. Over paid executives should be responsible for this mess. This country has way too many chiefs and not enough Indians ( no slur intended ) we have to come up with a plan that is fair to the middle class and not favor the upper class. Some of these "big shots" don't give enough credit for the fellow who built the building they sit in all day (and call it "Work") or the man who delivers the mail or packages that help him run his company. The middle class American is the true infrastructure of the United States. Until each person in this country, is treated with respect and given adequate compensation for his/her labor, the scale of Justice will remain off balance.