Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Interview with St. Therese of The Fox and the Chalice

Is it true, although you are fictionalized, your character is based upon St. Therese of Lisieux?

Yes, The Fox Lady, who wrote the story is very fond of St. Therese and used many of the saint’s attributes to flesh out my character.

How does a fox play into a tale admittedly about the Church?

Merlot is found as an infant in the convent vineyard and is raised by the Mother Superior. It isn’t until she is a young woman does she discover she is also a fox. She feels it is her duty to protect the convent and the task she is later given.

Do you think you, as representative of a saint are portrayed properly? I believe I read that you were the youngest woman who ever entered the convent life. In the book you seem easily frightened, yet always saved by your faith.

I would like to think I am portraying a saint as a person and carrying out Sister Therese’s promise to do good upon earth after her death. She is a much beloved saint and I hope that The Fox and the Chalice will assist her in her quest.

Is this book only about the Church?

No, it is about faith, honesty and the eternal struggle of good over evil. Of course there is also romance. Merlot is enamored of LaRoux the stepson of a vintner. LaRoux vows revenge upon his step-father as the man killed his mother. I cannot tell you more, you really should read the book. It is available from

It is really just my opinion but this is the best Fox Lady book yet, and I hear she has another ready for publication. Thank you for inviting me to do this interview.

Thank you Sister Therese, I enjoyed it very much.

As I am without a computer this week, I am posting this early. Anyone who e-mails me (the author) will be entitled to a free download of The Fox and the Swan and one person will be selected to receive a download of The Fox and the Chalice. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.

A. Dee Carey/ The Fox Lady

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