Saturday, October 20, 2007

I have been considering the strange take on life in general. Last night I watched commercial after commercial. None seem to appeal to the right things in life. For instance a verison message suggests that a father tells each of the people in his family that they are number one with him so he purchases them a phone. Now that's nice, but at the end he is walking out and says _"Saved the best for numero ono." Well isn't that swell? The message I see is lie to everyone you perport to love and put yourself ahead of everyone. On aol yesterday they had a posting about a model who fell into a hole on the runway and they claimed they posted it for and I quote "For your entertainment." I don't think someone elses pain is entertaining. The poor girl could have broken her neck. That stupid show funniest home videos is really great at showing hurt animals and children for amusement. Whoa, it is not funny when a child falls or a cat injures itself. What ever happened to treat others as you would be treated? It seems no one gives a rap about anyone other than themselves. I see it in teenagers every day. And you want to know where they get it from? From TV shows that belittle people, and advertisements that cater to hedonism. The games they play on playstations and the like are geared toward annihilation of various characters. Wouldn't it be nice to have a game whose goal is to assist as many characters to reach a nobel goal? Help the carpenter so he can build a house for his mother. Help the teacher to see all her pupils score high on a placement test. These things I've suggestted will probably never happen as there is no blood or gore.