Friday, September 21, 2007

Well, had a wonderful experience last weekend. My high school had its 50th reunion. It was great to see old friends and sad, since some are missing. When you get to this end of the train we do tend to lose some passengers. Talk about a renewal of purpose. I went home and worked out an exercise schedule. And, dear friends found the perfect method of exercise. I walked a mile and a half on my treadmill watching What Not To Wear. My hubby, like a lot of men hates the program, so I usually watch it in another room. Now I can spend the evening with him, see my program at noon and exercise. Win win situation. Now if I actually lose some weight it will be win, win, win. I hope I am around for the next reunion and hope there is less of me.
Presently I am working on my latest novel using both religion and fantasy. Combining the life of St. Patrick , with another of my foxes. I strive for tolerance between the two and thus hope to promote goodness among my readers. I am so sick of books, TV, and movies that are nothing but blood and gore. In my view this is not entertainment it is just plain greed. People who pander to the type of folks who like this crap (and unfortunately there are some) are as much to blame for the violence in the world as those who commit henious acts. It's called enabling and is as perverse as aiding a drunk by giving him booze.
Hope every one lifts their spirits by doing someone a favor.