Saturday, May 05, 2007

I am wondering why it is that we have to protect ourselves on every side. Password for this password for that, bubble cover on everything we buy, several layers of plastic on the most mundane of items. What about caring for one another, making sure the baby is safe and general consideration for everyone? When I went to school (sure it was a million years ago, but we did have electric lights) you could walk the halls and not worry that some nut was going to shoot you. Where has all the innocence gone?
People often ask me why do you write fantasy? Well, where else are you going to find heros and magic? In the worlds I create there are often evil entities, but the good always triumphs. And the good surfaces when the characters employ such methods as loyalty, honor, love and trust.
I wish my tales reflected life, but alas they do not, so to find wonder and goodness I shall continue to write and pray that life will one day honor the same virtues.