Sunday, April 22, 2007

It has been some time since I blogged. Sounds as if I was a logger who only cut bushes. I wish there was more humor in the world. The horrible things that are happening in our world would be minimal if everyone didn't take things so seriously. Now I don't mean to make lite of horrific events. I just think if every one didn't think a slight slip of the tongue were gross insults, things would not get out of hand so easily. Why do people care what other folks whose opinions do not matter to them care what the heck they think. I think you're misguided but I am not going to call the police or hit you or sue you if I don't agree with you. Just my way of thinking.
The books I write try to emphasize the differences between groups can be roads to understanding. I don't have to accept anyone else's beliefs nor do they have to accept mine.
If each of us tries to just accept the differences they might not be so glaring.
Thats enough of the soap box. Have a great day and remember if it ain't fun don't do it!