Saturday, October 20, 2007

I have been considering the strange take on life in general. Last night I watched commercial after commercial. None seem to appeal to the right things in life. For instance a verison message suggests that a father tells each of the people in his family that they are number one with him so he purchases them a phone. Now that's nice, but at the end he is walking out and says _"Saved the best for numero ono." Well isn't that swell? The message I see is lie to everyone you perport to love and put yourself ahead of everyone. On aol yesterday they had a posting about a model who fell into a hole on the runway and they claimed they posted it for and I quote "For your entertainment." I don't think someone elses pain is entertaining. The poor girl could have broken her neck. That stupid show funniest home videos is really great at showing hurt animals and children for amusement. Whoa, it is not funny when a child falls or a cat injures itself. What ever happened to treat others as you would be treated? It seems no one gives a rap about anyone other than themselves. I see it in teenagers every day. And you want to know where they get it from? From TV shows that belittle people, and advertisements that cater to hedonism. The games they play on playstations and the like are geared toward annihilation of various characters. Wouldn't it be nice to have a game whose goal is to assist as many characters to reach a nobel goal? Help the carpenter so he can build a house for his mother. Help the teacher to see all her pupils score high on a placement test. These things I've suggestted will probably never happen as there is no blood or gore.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Well, had a wonderful experience last weekend. My high school had its 50th reunion. It was great to see old friends and sad, since some are missing. When you get to this end of the train we do tend to lose some passengers. Talk about a renewal of purpose. I went home and worked out an exercise schedule. And, dear friends found the perfect method of exercise. I walked a mile and a half on my treadmill watching What Not To Wear. My hubby, like a lot of men hates the program, so I usually watch it in another room. Now I can spend the evening with him, see my program at noon and exercise. Win win situation. Now if I actually lose some weight it will be win, win, win. I hope I am around for the next reunion and hope there is less of me.
Presently I am working on my latest novel using both religion and fantasy. Combining the life of St. Patrick , with another of my foxes. I strive for tolerance between the two and thus hope to promote goodness among my readers. I am so sick of books, TV, and movies that are nothing but blood and gore. In my view this is not entertainment it is just plain greed. People who pander to the type of folks who like this crap (and unfortunately there are some) are as much to blame for the violence in the world as those who commit henious acts. It's called enabling and is as perverse as aiding a drunk by giving him booze.
Hope every one lifts their spirits by doing someone a favor.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New book coming out this month. It tells the love story of George and Louise Boldt, from a fantasy fox point of view. George Boldt was a very successful business man, who loved his wife passionately. In the Thousand Islands of New York, he decieded to build a castle for the woman who was the queen of his life. The structure still stands, even though he abandoned the project when his beloved died. Today Boldt Castle is a tourist attraction and is visited by many.
I took the story and embellished it a tad. If you have read any of my stories you know a fox figures in there somewhere. This is no exception.
If anyone reads this and has read any of my books please contact me for a special prize. There will be a test, however it is an easy one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it. Sign up for this sign up for that. Remember your password: this one uses both upper case and lower case. This one doesn't matter. When I started to write for publication, well over ten years ago, it was fairly simple. Write! And I did and finished many tales. Got most of them published. Now you have to promote, promote, promote. Which in my humble opinion is a pain in the neck. I understand the market has changed, but where are the folks who read? I daily am suprised to find most adults don't read more than the daily newspaper and what they need for work. To close the door on other worlds and adventures is quite frankly just plain dumb.

If anyone reads this post and responds with the title of any of my books, they will be awarded with that book. First come first served. E-mail me at

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I am wondering why it is that we have to protect ourselves on every side. Password for this password for that, bubble cover on everything we buy, several layers of plastic on the most mundane of items. What about caring for one another, making sure the baby is safe and general consideration for everyone? When I went to school (sure it was a million years ago, but we did have electric lights) you could walk the halls and not worry that some nut was going to shoot you. Where has all the innocence gone?
People often ask me why do you write fantasy? Well, where else are you going to find heros and magic? In the worlds I create there are often evil entities, but the good always triumphs. And the good surfaces when the characters employ such methods as loyalty, honor, love and trust.
I wish my tales reflected life, but alas they do not, so to find wonder and goodness I shall continue to write and pray that life will one day honor the same virtues.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

It has been some time since I blogged. Sounds as if I was a logger who only cut bushes. I wish there was more humor in the world. The horrible things that are happening in our world would be minimal if everyone didn't take things so seriously. Now I don't mean to make lite of horrific events. I just think if every one didn't think a slight slip of the tongue were gross insults, things would not get out of hand so easily. Why do people care what other folks whose opinions do not matter to them care what the heck they think. I think you're misguided but I am not going to call the police or hit you or sue you if I don't agree with you. Just my way of thinking.
The books I write try to emphasize the differences between groups can be roads to understanding. I don't have to accept anyone else's beliefs nor do they have to accept mine.
If each of us tries to just accept the differences they might not be so glaring.
Thats enough of the soap box. Have a great day and remember if it ain't fun don't do it!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things are strange the world over. However here and there I see tiny glimmers of sanity. On the Super Bowl game there was a Coke commerical and wonder of wonders no one was insulted no one was harmed and one person actually got satisfaction from doing what was right by helping others. Now I don't drink carbonated drinks but , I will purchase this product for my children and guests, and the only reason I will be doing this is because of the commericial on the Super Bowl.
Then this afternoon I was watching Oprah, her program today was about The Secret. Now I had never heard about this before, but apparently many people have. I urge everyone one to go to and purchase the DVD. From what I have been able to gather from the show this is something that if applied by every person in the world all the world's ills. I have always believed the reason we are here on this earth is to increase our worth to God by serving others. I know I am here to make those I come in contact with, happier, through my books, my prayers and the the way I live my life. To this end I will continue to do so.
So there is hope for all of us.