Friday, October 13, 2006

It'd been far too long since I posted to this blog. I sense I am merely talking to myself. At least I can expect an intelligent answer to any query that arises. I just got back from the New Jersey RWA conference. This was the first time I went alone and believe me it enhanced the experience. I was able to focus without considering what anyone else might like to do. I stayed up past my bedtime, watched shows my hubby hates, and met some of the nicest folks who populate this planet. I've been many times and am already planning on attending next year. This is not to disparage any of the wonderful ladies I've traveled with in the past, but being alone made me stronger. I was able to take my time and lay out the workshops I wanted to attend and spend time with some of the wonderful ladies I met without having to report to anyone. The only time constraint was getting on the plane on time. The ladies of the NJ chapter put together a conference that provided help to writers on every level. It is a huge undertaking and they performed at the top of their game as ususal. If any of you read this a HUGE "Thank you" form me. The little old Foxlady.