Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Isn't it fun when you find all things are related to whatever project you attempt? I was reading over my past blogs and noted I removed the wolf from little Red Riding Hood. Of course I made him a fox. What was I thinking? The story would not have played so well as foxes are not intimidating. As a youngster, I'd never seen a fox. Since I started writing about them I've seen hundreds. It's amazing. These beautiful creatures are now finding their habitat bulldozed for new homes, and thus are becoming urbanized. I sometimes worry about wild animals that we have forced out of their homes. Foxes, skunk, racoons live anywhere they choose and that is not a bad thing, but a friend of mine was walking her little poodle dog in her back yard and met up with a mountain lion, couger as it is called in some areas. Now that puts your hair in a curl. In a few days I will as the tip for the month of April (can you believe it already!) This tip will help writers as well as readers. To those of you who support writers by reading, you will see the sweat and tears that go into writing the stories you love. Don't forget to come back, now ya hear?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Another goofy day. I couldn't sleep so got up at 5:00AM EST. Was thrilled a agent wanted a full manuscript. Found out when my publicist woke up, she is in another time zone, that the company was bogus. Sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown, I can't get sick right. To get an agent is like trying to nail jello to a tree. Well, on to more interesting things like foolish commercials on television. Sometimes I wonder if somebody turned off the brain in all the advertising agencies. I've used Pepto Bismo for years. NO MORE. If anyone can tell me that stupid dance is interesting, entertaining and makes you want to go out and buy the stuff, I think I'll get off the planet, as there is obviously no intelligent life here.
Testing the new blog!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dee Carey Blog This past few weeks have been fun, but not very much. Hubby is ill, but we got some good news they think they can fix it. Yeah! So on to other issues. Don't you hate it when you get a magazine that is filled with cardboard inserts? They force you to open the mag where they want you to. However I make it a practice to remove all inserts before I try to read the dang thing. I save these and make a point of NOT purchasing anything that is advertised on an insert. I'm sure I am alone in this rebellion, but I have made my point (at least in my own mind.) I'm well into my next book and finally got to the flow point. This is the time in the manuscript that the story flows almost without input from me. For the month of April, I will introduce a plot book which is an invaluable tool. So do come back as I think as a writer you can use this method and as a reader you can understand books don't just happen we have to sweat a bit.