Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sometimes I wonder what in the world is going on with the world. People fighting a religious war. What an oxymoron. All I've ever learned about various religions is that peace and love are the core or did I miss something? There is far too much violence in every arena. And, what's worse is the dang TV shows perpetuate it. Choose the survior team that will crush the others to the ground. Now that is really the way to get folks to get along with one another. How about we all remember why we are here in the first place. We are supposed to increase our personal worth to increase the creator's inheritance. For my part I love you.

Friday, October 13, 2006

It'd been far too long since I posted to this blog. I sense I am merely talking to myself. At least I can expect an intelligent answer to any query that arises. I just got back from the New Jersey RWA conference. This was the first time I went alone and believe me it enhanced the experience. I was able to focus without considering what anyone else might like to do. I stayed up past my bedtime, watched shows my hubby hates, and met some of the nicest folks who populate this planet. I've been many times and am already planning on attending next year. This is not to disparage any of the wonderful ladies I've traveled with in the past, but being alone made me stronger. I was able to take my time and lay out the workshops I wanted to attend and spend time with some of the wonderful ladies I met without having to report to anyone. The only time constraint was getting on the plane on time. The ladies of the NJ chapter put together a conference that provided help to writers on every level. It is a huge undertaking and they performed at the top of their game as ususal. If any of you read this a HUGE "Thank you" form me. The little old Foxlady.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here in upstate NY we are enjoying the first sprigs of spring. Grass is near needing mowing. Buds are promising to emerge. And I find I have more ideas than I did throughout the dismal winter. Around here at least it was a very mild winter. My current work is about The Blessed Mother and how her son protected her after his death. Naturally there are foxes in the tale, else I'd not be telling it. Whenever anyone asks me how long I can write about foxes I laugh as there is always some circumstance that can be addressed using foxes. I don't say there is any logic to it, but it can be done. I love bending facts, fiction, and magic. The "What If" is a great motivator. What if a squirrel ran the subway? What if everyone north of the equator walked on their feet and everyone south of it walked on their hands? What if people couldn't talk and animals could? If nothing else it is a great place to start a story. Hope everyone is enjoying the spring's offerings. I'll be back soon to give May's tip of the month. It will be how to create a spread sheet for submissions and rejections/acceptances.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring has finally sprung. Today here in Upstate New York it is a balmy 70 degrees. I'll take it. My husband is finally on the mend and all I have facing me now is piles and piles of laundry. I don't understand it. Never have anything to wear, but all I seem to do is wash clothes. Strange. My current work in progress is in need of structure and I don't seem motivated to provide said structure. I'll get to it soon, but today is a mental health day, so I am not working. Another strange thing. I work on my usual chores so I can write, but I call my writing work. Go figure. I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Holiday. Thinking about the tip for May. At this point I am not certain what it will be, but rest assured it will be simple but highly effective. Come back after the first and find what it will be.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Hi All, This has been the month from Hades. Hubby sick, my brain fried trying to deal with way toooo much. However I've resloved to more forward. I've found more free time since I took a feng shui course. The stuff is amazing. I was the world's biggest skeptic, but simply rearranging my office helped to clear my thinking. I think I might have been a total basket case, if I'd not taken the course before hubby became ill. I hope each and every person in the entire world learns to love in this awakening holiday season. No matter how you worship, rejoice in the renewing of the world.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I promised a tip for April. The plot book is the most valuable tool a writer can have in their tool box. I use a 3 subject notebook, one for each new book. In it I note the idea for the story, character charts( the characteristics for each individual character) and whatever occurs to me at any given time. I take this with me everywhere except church. Unfortuately sometimes I have to write on the back of the bulletin. If something of importance happens during the crafting of a book, I note it in the plot book. Sometimes what happens to you effects the story. Using the flow chart I briefly outline the bare bones of the story. I have no special order for writing scenes and note them as they occur to me. Sometimes I use what is noted and sometimes I don't. I feel this is the place to flesh out characters and locations. This is especially helpful in fantasy. You are creating a world and you need to know all you can about this world. Is the climate arrid, damp or jungle heat? How would each character act under various conditions? By noting what comes to mind, whenever it comes to mind, you have a place to check back to. You might not use all that comes to you, but if you wish to and you didn't write it down in your plot book, you're stymied. I keep the plot book on my bedside table at night, with a little book lite attached. Frequently I have ideas come to me in dreams and if I wait until morning they are gone. There is no one way to write a book and whatever works for you, is the right way for you. Hold on to your dreams and don't let anyone talk you out of them. If you need to write affirmations, write them in the plot book, where they are but a page away.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hi Folks, This has been a long week. My hubby is in the hospital. He has lymphoma. Two teams of doctors removed his spleen and a 4 1/2 inch mass from his chest. I'm told the spleen is about the size of your fist, his was as large as a loaf of bread. All told they reomved over seven pounds of stuff. He's on the mend, but it is coming too slow for him. He does everything quickly. Writing wise I haven't forgotten the April tip of the month, but it will take a while as if I am awake I am at the hospital. All prayers are welcome.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Isn't it fun when you find all things are related to whatever project you attempt? I was reading over my past blogs and noted I removed the wolf from little Red Riding Hood. Of course I made him a fox. What was I thinking? The story would not have played so well as foxes are not intimidating. As a youngster, I'd never seen a fox. Since I started writing about them I've seen hundreds. It's amazing. These beautiful creatures are now finding their habitat bulldozed for new homes, and thus are becoming urbanized. I sometimes worry about wild animals that we have forced out of their homes. Foxes, skunk, racoons live anywhere they choose and that is not a bad thing, but a friend of mine was walking her little poodle dog in her back yard and met up with a mountain lion, couger as it is called in some areas. Now that puts your hair in a curl. In a few days I will as the tip for the month of April (can you believe it already!) This tip will help writers as well as readers. To those of you who support writers by reading, you will see the sweat and tears that go into writing the stories you love. Don't forget to come back, now ya hear?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Another goofy day. I couldn't sleep so got up at 5:00AM EST. Was thrilled a agent wanted a full manuscript. Found out when my publicist woke up, she is in another time zone, that the company was bogus. Sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown, I can't get sick right. To get an agent is like trying to nail jello to a tree. Well, on to more interesting things like foolish commercials on television. Sometimes I wonder if somebody turned off the brain in all the advertising agencies. I've used Pepto Bismo for years. NO MORE. If anyone can tell me that stupid dance is interesting, entertaining and makes you want to go out and buy the stuff, I think I'll get off the planet, as there is obviously no intelligent life here.
Testing the new blog!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dee Carey Blog This past few weeks have been fun, but not very much. Hubby is ill, but we got some good news they think they can fix it. Yeah! So on to other issues. Don't you hate it when you get a magazine that is filled with cardboard inserts? They force you to open the mag where they want you to. However I make it a practice to remove all inserts before I try to read the dang thing. I save these and make a point of NOT purchasing anything that is advertised on an insert. I'm sure I am alone in this rebellion, but I have made my point (at least in my own mind.) I'm well into my next book and finally got to the flow point. This is the time in the manuscript that the story flows almost without input from me. For the month of April, I will introduce a plot book which is an invaluable tool. So do come back as I think as a writer you can use this method and as a reader you can understand books don't just happen we have to sweat a bit.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Dee Carey Blog Guess what it's March. And I've promised a simple easy way to outline on a single sheet. First you need supplies: a ruler, several different colored markers, a manila file folder and room to work. I believe almost everyone is familar with a flow chart. This is the basis of this method. First assign two different colors to your two prime characters. Turning the file folder inside out so there is no writing on the surface you will be using, write the title on the tab. Next set one prime character on the right and the other on the left, assigning each a strong color. ie him red her green. Then with your ruler draw a line slightly below the name on each side. At this point write what has attracted these two. The lines from each character should meet at this point (remember to draw the lines from each character in that character's color). At the converging point briefly state the scene where they meet. Now this is the beauty of this method, if you want to change how or where they meet simply place a post-it note over the scene. Then you must progress to the point they are repelled by each other. (draw those lines apart) Usually at this point I introduce secondary characters assign them colors and draw them to the scene where they meet a primary character. Usually there are two secondary characters one who is his ally and one hers. By drawing the lines of each character in their seperate colors you can see at once where you are in your story. This is especially helpful if you have a character who has two forms. This is the reason I developed this method. I write about shape shifting foxes and I needed to know if the character was human or fox. Simply by following the colored line I knew where she was and what she was. I put a second line along side the first if she was a fox at a certain point. By drawing lines to scenes and introducing new characters/.colors you will be able to quickly assess what you need to do to flesh out your story. As lines cross write a simple note describing a scene. As you get further into your story you will see a pattern emerge. If there are two few colored lines that are assigned to your primary characters, you need to go back and give them the emphasis they need. This does not need to be perfect it is just a road map, side trips are allowed. I always start with the first and last sentence of a book. Only the bare bones of a story need show up on this flow chart. You need to see where you are going. And, as I said earlier that is the beauty of this system. Post its can save the day. When I learn how I will post a diagram to show you what I mean.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Dee Carey Blog I've spent this week in class. It's not been that long since I studied (I took a law course when I was 50) but I cannot believe the amount of material. I'm glad I'm on the tail end of this train. The information the kids in school have to process is staggering. What they are studying as history was current events when I was in school. The world is shrinking but the volume of information is huge. What staggers me even more is the intelligence of these young people. Kids were not that smart when I went to school. Hell I was a wiz back in the day but compared to most 10 year olds today I'm an idiot. Anyhow folks once you stop learning you just waste away. I am anxious as I have a book coming out next Wednesday. Of all that I've written, this is the first that the male character is the shape shifting fox. It is entitled The Fox and the Swan and will be available at come Wednesday.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Dee Carey Blog Came across a post on someone's blog berating historical writers who are not dead on accurate with history. Well, folks this is fiction. I move my characters through centuries and I don't believe any person has actually done that. If I want accuracy in history I'll read a text book, on second thought they are not always accurate. History is just an agreed upon set of facts. They leave out a lot and embroider more. Fiction is meant to be fun. If someone writes a compelling story and they move the Battle of Hastings to 1069 who cares? If anyone is foolish enough to believe all novels are historically accurate and uses them as reference, well, then I suppose you might get a bit miffed. There is too much in the way of criticism in the world today. You like what you like and I'll like what I like and guess what I ain't gonna shot ya fer it!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Dee Carey Blog
I think someone should come right out and say the current crud that passes for entertainment should be flushed. I do not want to see you fight tooth and nail against someone for money. I do not want to see anyone belittled for their attempts at singing or dancing. It is not necessary for any viewer to see the exact track a bullet is taking on its way to death. Embarrassment is not entertaining, at least not to intelligent individuals. I do not need to see defication, fornication or even flatuation. It doesn't add entertainment or education value. Nor is it funny to see someone fall, get hurt or humilated.
Okay so that is today's soapbox comment.
Now on to funner (yes, I know that is wrong) but I often do things that will make a reader go "What?" A book is a best friend, a teacher, an adventure and an education. They must be treasured. Books are the most important things of civilization. The written word is the thread that brings us closer to peace.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Dee Carey Blog Another attempt to get on with the business of blogging. Strange day, raining a bit, more like spitting. Hubby finished putting in two new windows in our bedroom and I finished the galleys for my newest book The Fox and the Swan, which comes out in March. I started writing it without the presence of Merlin and Arthur, however they had other plans. It seems whenever a shape-shifting fox comes on the scene so do Arthur and his friends. It is a fun book and one I believe will appeal to readers of all ages. The book has a high moral tone and as always a lesson in how to get along with those you don't agree with. However, we must not forget this is a LOVE STORY. Everything humans accomplish is done in the name of LOVE. Be sure to check back for March's tip How to write an outline on a single page.
Dee Carey Blog Well, this is a strange day. I finally finished my galleys on The Fox and the Swan, which comes out this March. I started writing it as a pure fairey tale, but Arthur, Merlin and the Druids insisted on playing a part. Somehow they hound me whatever I write. People often ask how I can keep writing about Foxes and Arthurian legend. Well, folks there are at least a thousand books about Arthur and Merlin, so several more won't hurt. Besides the foxes make it different. Check back soon to learn an easier way to outline.
Well, here we are just moments away from February. The month of the groudhogs and valentines.Do remember to send a card to your favorite groundhog. They are sensitive and will be hurt if you don't.I love February. It is usually a punk month here in upstate NY, but this year it's been a pip. Yesterday it was 47 degrees. Good thing too as hubby decieded to replace a window.Now lets get down to the nity gritty. The Tip of the Month for February.Point of View.This is somewhat tough for a new writer, as we tend to think everyones input is important. You have probably read books that head hopped, some can do it beautifully, but it is a rare talent. Nora Roberts has the lock on it. However, most of us are not Nora, so we have to play the hands we are dealt.SOGo and purchase several colored markers and a copy of your favorite book (get an extra copy if writing in your favorite gives you the willys)Assign each principal character a specific color. Also assign a color to the important secondary characters.Just for the sake of demonstration we'll use Little Red Riding Hood.For Little Red- red of courseFor the Fox - blueFor the Woodsman - yellow.For Grandma -green.This is just to point out who is who.Now take your favorite book and do likewise. As you hgihlight each character's POV (point of View) that is what they say and what they think, you will note there is a pattern of a certain color in each paragraph. That is the point of view of that particular character. Going on throughout the book you will see one or two colors more prominent that the others. These are the important characters. Now do the same to one of your manuscripts. Do you see many colors in a single paragraph? Too many points of view. You should see a rhythm of color throughout the work, as you saw in your favorite book.When I first heard of this method I thought it might be just silly (which is what led me to try it) however seeing the colors simplified what to that point had been complicated. Hope this helps those of you wonder what in the Sam Hill is POV. Feel free to question me through my e-mail.Come back often and look for March's Tip.